Moving out of Harvey Street, Cambridge, and Massachusetts


Saturday, 23-May-2015


Saturday, the 23rd of May, in the year 2015.

A day that will live in infamy… at least in the minds of Chirag, Daniel, and Erin (wow… we just need someone with an “A” name, and we’d be running the Alphabet…).

Why? Because I made them help me move a half-packed house. And not even a half-packed house that’s all going to the same location… it was split between my folks place, and goodwill. So… that made it kind of a challenge.


To make up for that, I bought donuts and made ribs to eat. I think it made it a little better, though you’d have to ask them how well it actually worked.

The difficulty was that, since I was on such a tight timeline (Ed Note: and see the adventures of prepping the Mustang), I hadn’t really finished packing the kitchen yet. My bedroom was mostly packed, my books were completely packed, but there was still small bits and bobs left to go.


Thankfully, everyone stepped up, and we worked in stages to finish everything out.

I got the Mustang mostly packed before anyone got there, so that was an entire set of gear that didn’t even need to be touched; and I got to pack it up just right, my own way, so I’d know where every piece was while I was driving.

Next went the furniture and heavy boxes, a challenge that Daniel and Erin crushed with concerning ease… Erin packed, and Daniel weightlifted the boxes. Literally, in some cases… doing complete deadlift and clean-and-jerk motions to the poor unsuspecting stereo system.

So things went into the uHaul, and out of the house. Within three or four hours of everyone arriving, basically the entire house was stuffed into a van. We made a final stop at Goodwill, where the three pack-a-teers went their separate ways, and I headed out to Medway to unpack and have a final going away dinner with my Mom and Stepdad.

No, I am not going to blog about the private going away dinner I had with my family. It was lovely. That’s all that the internet needs to know.

Unpacking was actually quite pleasant as well – it wasn’t easy, but it went cleaner than I expected it to. We moved everything into the garage, separating it into “things Ben wants to keep” and “Things that get yard-saled”.

So it got done, and I found myself driving an empty uHaul back into Cambridge; nearly nothing left to do before I started driving a slightly smaller vehicle a significantly farther distance…

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