A bit of color for spring… even though it’s definitely still winter.



So my Aunt, the excellent gardener that she is, set me up with a bit of color for the spring.  The last time I visited, she sent me home with a set of Hyacinths; small bulbs in small forcers, just waiting to be put by a window.

They took a while, but the little bulbs that drove home with me from Connecticut finally found their stride, and opened up right as March was knocking on the door.


I can’t overstate how excellent it is to have flowers in the spring.  Even more so when there’s still a pile of snow on the ground.  See the background of the pictures?  That’s my first story window… with 5ft of snow outside it.  They brighten everything up, and make the cold and dark winter seem a thing of the past… even if the remnants of that winter are still blocking the view out of my  damn window.  Go away snow!

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