The Legend of Zelda symphony!


Friday, 27-Feb-2015


Being unemployed is no fun… but thankfully, I have a lot of friends who’ve been keeping me busy.

Busy being events like dressing up, and going to the symphony.  Yeah, Boston Symphony Orchestra.  Who’s fancy now, huh?  Me.  That’s who.



The show we went to see was the Legend of Zelda symphony – LoZ is known for its amazing music, so this was taking that video game score (music made up of, basically, beeps) and having it performed by a complete, world-class orchestra.



It was, in a word, excellent.  I’m sure I could have gotten even more out of it if I’d ever played the games, but unfortunately those weren’t part of my childhood – Starcraft and Mathblaster were my growing up tools, and I can tell you honestly that if I heard an orchestra playing the Starcraft theme music, I’d be in tears within minutes.  Even so, I very much enjoyed hearing the music from such a landmark series.

The way it was presented was almost like a fan-video.  Basically, the orchestra would play, and there’d be a projected video going on for that specific piece, generally a compilation from the game that the piece was in.  I loved getting the chance to explore the Legend of Zelda worlds… even the brief and shallow dip that I had in the ocean of what’s been made.

And yes, I did spend roughly three hours going through Wikipedia, learning the plotlines of the games I’d seen.

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  1. Awesome Review. Now I want togo see it if the Orchestra Lands in Tucson someday. We do get Cirque De Soleil, River Dance, Celtic Women, Cats, Mis Saigon, Les Mis (I wish), and I hope someday Phantom of the Opera, and my dream to see Fave: Don Giovanni

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