Ascending the Alps of MIT!


Tuesday,  17-Feb-2015


As we’ve discussed, Boston deals with this thing called “snow” during the winter.

It’s white, sometimes fluffy and light, and sometimes wet and heavy.  So far this winter, it’s mostly been light and fluffy.

But in either case, it takes up a lot of room, and we have to put it somewhere.  MIT is of the opinion that you should take an open lot, and build a mountain in that open lot.  Using the spare snow, of course.

So when I had a chance to have lunch with a friend, and that lunch happened to be near where this mountain had been built… we had to go and explore.

We took the back route onto the hill, where some MIT kids had built a rather amazing sledding ramp, and ascended our way up to the top of the pile.  The pictures honestly do it a little too much justice… it was a total of 25ft high, maybe 35 if you’re being generous.  And it was packed pretty solidly – the way that they built it up was by packing it down and then driving excavation equipment on top of the pile, to pile more snow on top.  So there were industrial ramps packed down leading up to the top for the drivers to use… impressive, definitely.

We couldn’t stay too long, of course, since some of the MIT facilities staff noticed us exploring and clambering around… and they started clamoring on their own for us to “get down from there you crazy kids!”.  I can see their point – a few ice-slides had obviously happened around the base, so it probably wasn’t the most stable of mountains to be exploring…


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