How to make a bad day… not so bad.




I had a rough day.

In all honesty, I couldn’t pinpoint any single bit that made it worse than a normal day… I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I guess.  And then had the bed explode, and stab me with a knife made of doom.  It wasn’t pleasant.

The workday didn’t make it any better, especially when I had a last-minute project dropped on my lap, which kept me at work just long enough to have to bail on a date.  Seriously – one of my biggest frustrations is how everything is always timed just close enough that it reminds you how it could have been… instead of definitely being absolutely too late to keep my plans, instead I was only 15min late… so that little voice in the back of my head kept reminding me that, maybe, I could have made it.  That this other option was still just close enough that I could maybe rush and make it only a little late…

But no – Instead, I cut my losses, canceled plans, and drove home.

I knew how to make it a better night though – delicious dinners, with delicious drinks, and delicious relaxation.


An alternative title to this could be: “the night I practiced shucking oysters”

Because that is exactly what I did – I stopped in at the butchers shop to get a pair of steaks.  One for dinner, and one for lunch tomorrow.

Then, I salted them, and left them to sit while I walked down the street to whole foods, while listening to an amazing album.  At whole foods, bread and oysters (along with sauce, and an oyster knife) were bought.

Then I walked home… taking just long enough for the album to finish playing all the way through.

Oysters were shucked while the oven was heating up – then eaten while I was cooking the steak and cutting up the tomatoes to go with it.  The bread was tossed into the oven to warm up right before the steaks were ready, and it was done by the time they had sit and rested after being cooked.

Scotch, of course, was sipped liberally throughout the process.


By the time I was done eating?  Well, nothing had really changed in the real world.  But my outlook on it was markedly improved.

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  1. …beware of the “Scotch Jabberwock” my son, I hope it never turns like boomerang and tries slicing you to ribbons as it had me.

    Spiritual health (relationship with God) and friends who tell me the Truth are my medicine against randy boomerangs today.

    Sounds like you found a great way to chill after a sressful day though – and that is a very good thing indeed !!!

    Hugs, Dad

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