A snow day in January

A snow day in January

Right before the end of January, actually…


They said it was going to be a storm to end all storms.  A blizzard named “Juno”, for one reason or another, and that it would be the most snowfall that New York city had ever seen.  Boston would get the worst of it, of course, with nearly three feet of snow landing on my doorstep.

It’s never as bad as they forecast, of course.

But this time… it was pretty damn close, if I have to admit.

This storm was going to be the storm that ended all storms.  The forecast called for over three feet here in Boston, and it was supposed to be the single largest snowstorm to ever hit New York City – literally, in recorded history.  Worcester was going to get more snow than it had ever seen in a single day, and most schools had already decided to close far before the storm even arrived.

In truth… yeah, it was pretty brutal.  We dealt with it though.

New York City didn’t get much – not nearly as much as they thought.  Worcester did get hit hard – they broke their previous snowfall record, with over three feet landing.

Cambridge… we were fine, really.  There was a Travel Ban in effect, so the plows had enough room to move and clear, so that wasn’t really an issue.  My office was closed, so I didn’t even bother waking up until late-morning, and even then I didn’t head out to start shoveling until after I had a good breakfast and took some time to relax and let it digest.  In told, I think we got a solid 30-36inches of light and fluffy snow… there really wasn’t too much trouble with it, to be honest.

See, we hadn’t gotten much snow yet, so there wasn’t a problem finding a place to put the snow.  I just piled it up in my front yard, and to the side of my car in the empty spots.  It was nice and simple… a fun time.  Not to last, of course, but “the ignorance of youth” and such.  Either way, the shoveling only took me two or three hours total, to have my walk and parking area completely clean… so that left me a ton of time to relax and sip cocoa.

Or, it would had if I was that kind of guy.  Instead, I had a snack, put my gear back on, and ran back outside into the snow.

I explored all over the area… I’m honestly not sure how many miles I covered, probably less than three, but I had a blast exploring and playing in the show.  I got the chance to walk in the streets a bit, thanks to the travel ban, but I stuck to the walks for most of it… I have good boots and snow-gear, so I could slog through the fluff without getting soaked… and that’s half the fun of a storm, right?  I even spent a bit of time running back and forth on an abandoned Mass Ave, body-slamming my way through the huge snowbanks that had been piled up by the plows.

Note: one of the banks was a LOT thicker and more solid than I expected… and I may have ended up sprawled out in a tumbling roll when my legs stopped and my torso kept going.  Think a very awkward cartwheel.  In the snow.

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