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A roadtrip to the Gunks: Hiking and exploring


Saturday, 05-Apr-14


Since Saturday was slated to be a rainy cool day, Daniel found us a hike to check out in the area.  It’s strange, but we realized that while we’ve all been to the Gunks dozens of times, we’ve never done any normal hiking… well, this is a perfect time to fix that, right?

Hike #1 – The carriage road below the Trapps

More than anything, this was a quick recon mission, to see how the rock looked and to get a feel for where we wanted to climb the next day.  We’ve all been in this area a dozen times before, though we did push farther to the right than we normally do…


Hike #2 – Bonticou Crag hike

Sadly, this crag is not open for climbing.  Sad, because damn this would be good for climbing.  Huge split cracks heading up the sides, with lots of interesting roofs and ledges and trees all over it.

The approach we took was short – maybe 3 miles hiking.  Since we didn’t have heavy packs it went quite quickly, with Daniel, Erin and I taking our time and enjoying the scenery.  The scramble up to the summit was a bit more interesting though, with more than a few amazing views as we clawed our way up roughly 300ft of rock slide.  My takeaway?  Damn I want to climb this… or at least do some bouldering… hell, even camping in some of the small caves would be fun!

After hitting the summit and having a bit of lunch, we headed down the long way home – it was still early, and we really didn’t have any other plans for the evening.  We checked out Spring Farms on the way down, talked about the San Francisco housing market, and generally enjoyed the outdoors and the amazing views of the mountains.

A roadtrip to the gunks: Driving and hostels, pizza and beer towers.


Friday, 04-Apr-14 through Sunday, 06-Apr-14


So, it’s been months since I did a legit roadtrip… this doesn’t really count, since it was only four hours or so of driving.  But it’s all the way out to New Paltz, NY, and it was awesome, so yeah.  WOO adventure!  First adventure of the spring!

The drive itself was pretty boring; Daniel and I listened to tunes, then some standup, then some more tunes, and then we were there.  “There”, this time, was the New Paltz hostel.  It was raining on Friday and Saturday, and was more than a little cold, so we decided to play it boring and safe, instead of camping out…


  • The hostel itself – we got our own room, complete with a queen bed, a bunk bed, our own bathroom, and even a fridge in a small entry room.  Dang.  I am not used to being treated this well in a hostel.  Major recommendation – thought it is kinda expensive.
  • Paintings at hostel – Holy hell.  The hostel had an amazing painting hanging in our room – I tried to take a picture of it, but nothing gave it credit for how perfect it actually was.  It was a painting showing a small farmhouse on the plains, but it was perfectly minimalist… with tons of detail where it mattered.  Extremely evocative and perfect.
  • Bacchus found us having dinner & drinks Friday


  • Bagel breakfast, and then grocery shopping for lunches and Sunday’s breakfast on Saturday morning
  • After hiking around all day, Daniel and I hit up a small Coffee shop to relax and read Saturday afternoon / early evening.
  • Erin met us at the coffee shop, then we all went out for Pizza dinner… & Daniel / Erin had a few drinks.  More than a few.  It was entertaining, to say the least.


  • For breakfast, we cooked up some eggs and heated up leftovers.  Quick and simple
  • Random stuff for lunch while climbing
  • Dinner found us at the Gilded Otter, and I had a burger.  It was delicious, as they usually are when eaten at the Gilded Otter.
  • As we’re leaving, Daniel is staring at another table, because they have a huge beer tower.  They are drunk.  They don’t take kindly to Daniel’s staring, and they get a bit angry.  Thankfully, I am the king of dirty jokes, and thus make a few choice comments about beer towers, their size, and how impressed we are.  Thus, bad jokes end up saving us.  Success!
  • Drive home?  Ehh.  Boring.

A weekend of adventures, climbing, and TEDx


Friday 28-Mar-14 through Sunday 30-Mar-14


Too lazy to actually type out a whole story-thing for this, since I have so many posts that I need to get put up.  So…. synopsis!


Friday = chill, relax, watch movies and eat pizza while Lizzie and Chris go to Jose’s Mexican down the street… and get food poisoning.  Huh.  So staying home actually saved me for once.


Saturday = Slow morning, where I actually cook breakfast for the first time since being sick. It’s kind of gross and raining outside, so… gaming.  Then, climbing at BRG with Kayla and hanging out at her place for a bit.  Was fun.


Sunday = Brunch at the Asgard with Rachel, though we didn’t realize that it was hosting a post-run meetup for all the runners.  So… to say that it was loud is an understatement.  But after brunch, which wasn’t bad at all, we hit up the MIT Museum.  From there I hit up Brooklyn Boulders to do some climbing with Kel, where we found out that a TEDx @ BKB event was happening.  It was… interesting.  I got to hear the lead singer from Dresden Dolls talk about being a hippy, which was interesting.  Though kind of strange.  First dinner was Ramen a-la Kel’s roommate, and second dinner was Taco Tuesday Sunday Edition with tacos @ Emma’s house with both Emma and Jamie.  Then chatting, relaxing, and home for bed.