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A successful Saturday in April


Saturday, 12-Apr-14

I have a love-hate relationship with lazy weekends.  For one, they’re amazing and I love not having to do anything or be anywhere.  But on the other,  I don’t like “wasting” gorgeous weekends.  I love adventuring and exploring and doing… and staying home generally doesn’t allow me to do that.

Well, this weekend, thankfully, it did.  I relaxed, chilled, and went on more than a few small adventures.  I even got the whole front garden fixed up!

  • Breakfast by 11:00 at Kelly’s
  • Lets get stuff done!  Nope… instead, let’s just set ourselves in the park and finish reading Ocean at the End of the Lane
  • Head home and pull out all the gardening toys; turn the soil, plant the bulbs, and start the peas going.
  • Get the peas all planted, set some stakes, and then go inside to set the tomatoes going… wait, I didn’t leave any room in the planters for tomatoes.  <shrug>
  • Plant some more, play with the tomatoes, and relax for a bit
  • Quesadillas for lunch… very late lunch, but chicken quesadillas are amazing
  • go buy a steak from McKinnons, then take a nice slow walk around the area
  • Game or two with Chirag on League, we clean house
  • Steak for dinner, chilling and watching movies