Christmas in Arizona: Breakfast with BFC, followed by some sad farewells.


A southwestern Christmas – Vacation in Arizona

Sunday, 22-Dec-13 through Saturday, 28-Dec-13


Saturday, 28-Dec-13

  • Up and at ’em! For real this time, and we actually get out of the house before 8:30!
  • Instead of taking the usual mode of transport, my Dad’s fire-breathing Diesel pickup truck, we take a slightly smaller and more efficient mode of transport – the motorcycle. It takes me a bit of time to get used to being completely exposed, especially while doing 70 mph on the highway, but I do get used to it after a little while.
  • We link up with Greg and Cindy, the folks from Oregon that I’d met earlier in the week, and all ride out to a diner. It’s a nice 20min ride, and I love the sun and wind and everything. We had turned around right after leaving the house so’s I could get goggles, and I definitely appreciated that decision. I can’t imagine how it would have been without them, but with them was quite enjoyable.
  • Breakfast at the diner was a great time – It was the monthly Bikers for Christ meeting, a motorcycle group that my dad belongs to, and I enjoyed getting to talk and hang out with all the guys there. We ate, drank coffee (possibly more than was necessary), and had a good time.
  • After breakfast, we rode back to the house, more than a bit somberly since it was only to grab my gear and head back toward the airport.
  • I get a call: strange number, and no one replies when I ask who it is. So I hang up.
  • I get another call: same strange number. This time I wait a bit, and get rewarded with a robot voice telling me that my flight it going to be delayed by an hour. Ok! Awesome, get to hang out at home for a bit longer, chatting and relaxing with everyone (Puppies included). But it’s only a stay of execution, and before long we’re in the truck again, heading to the airport.
  • I get my tickets, and since there’s no line at TSA we grab a cup of coffee and hang out in the Arizona sun one last time. It’s nice, and we chat and sip the coffee as long as we can before I head through security.

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