Gear Review: Cloudsplitter jacket


I haven’t bought a new jacket in years.  Instead, I tend to layer – underarmor, fleece jackets, and rain shell.  It’s easier to adapt for the temperature, but they’re a bit bulky, and annoying to bike in…

So as of this year, I finally threw down and headed out to EMS to check out the jacket selection.  I asked some friends, checked them out in the store, then went home and did a bit of research.  Then I decided to head into the store and buy the Cloudsplitter, because the name is awesome.  Ohh, and it came really well recommended.

And in the few weeks since I bought it… I’ve been quite happy!  Hiking has been solid, and biking works well too.  It’s waterproof (at least in the light rain/snow that I’ve dealt with so far), and the fleece lining is SUPER comfortable and cozy. Even holds up pretty well to the wind when I’m driving – since this is Me we’re talking about, and I drive with the top down in my car when it’s well below freezing.

My only complaint is that it’s a bit bad with heat management… in the cold it’s quite nice, but when I get warmer (like when I’m biking around) it gets a bit too toasty.  And then I get sweaty. And in terms of breathability… well, we may be lacking a bit there.  I find myself unzipping the front zipper a lot while biking to and from work, even in the mornings when it’s significantly into the freezing temperatures.

Overall though?  Yeah.  I’d recommend it.

About perfectusvarrus

I am an adventurer. I've been many things in my life; a machinist, a mechanical designer, a training coordinator, a facilities consultant, and a seasonal construction worker. But through it all, I've kept my love of adventure and exploration strong, through rock climbing, backpacking, cycling, exploring, and trying new things. The rush of adventure is intoxicating, and the thrill of discovery and exploring is unbeatable.

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