Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

Exploring the Nashoba Valley Vineyard


Saturday, 30-Nov-13

So for our post-Thanksgiving adventure, my family went out to Nashoba Valley vineyards on Saturday!

  • We leave Medway early afternoon, after a rather relaxed morning of sleeping late and eating turkey leftovers.  We’re aiming to stop by Bolton Orchards before the vineyards, so we leave just barely enough time to make it to the reservation that we’ve got.
  • Mom and I drive together, and have a nice chance to chat and catch up just the two of us.  We almost never get this, since dinners are usually a family thing, or at the smallest Her, my Grandma, and myself.  It’s nice.
  • Bolton = smells like cider, and has fresh cooked donuts.  Yes please!
  • J’s Restaurant at the Winery
    • Ohh wow… fancy!  And here I am not at all dressed up
    • Great food and amazing beer
    • Have a flight of beers
    • share game chili and BBQ quesadillas with Sue
    • Amazing and delicious
  • Everyone goes for the wine tasting, but I’m feeling kinda blah, and have to drive afterward… so I go for a short walk instead.  Catch up on texting people, along with exploring the actual winery
  • Wander around some more
  • Drive back to Medway, fun times are had by all
  • Hannukah again
  • Roll back to Boston!