At Worlds End


At Worlds End

Sunday, 29-Sep-13


I’m at the end of the world.

I mean, obviously not literally, because I’m pretty sure that I’ll be at my desk come tomorrow morning, working on cleaning up some Solidworks models. But location-wise I happen to be at a Mass State park called World’s End, sitting and writing this entry while I organize photos from the previous weekend.

This weekend was fun, and a bit slow. Yesterday was climbing (Ed Note: see “Quincy in September”), but it was very low-key, just myself and two random NUHOCers who needed a ride to the quarries. I had debated driving down to visit a friend last night, but since I never heard back I stuck with the time-honored tradition of my time in Cambridge, and instead went to a diner for breakfast.

After a rather excellent stack of pancakes and eggs and bacon and everything else delicious, I stopped by a small used book store where a guide to New England caught my eye, which then flowed through the pages until I noted a small blurb about a place called “World’s End”.

A name like that can’t be passed up.

So here I am – sitting by the ocean, enjoying the sun on my neck and the waves at my feet. It’s cold, but that “New England Autumn” cold that I really enjoy. It’s cold enough that I notice that the weather is changing, but it’s not so cold that the sun can’t keep me warm. And since there’s maybe two clouds in the sky, hiding off the near horizon, the sun is always on me.

To be honest, this is much more of a family park than a really hiking-oriented place… but that’s not really a bad thing. Today doesn’t call for a really intense hike; instead it’s looking for a good place to relax, stretch my legs, and get some writing done.

So I sit and write, walk and think, and take a few pictures before heading back to the clamor of the city.

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