Trying out Bostonian Yoga


Friday, 04-Oct-13

Prana Power Yoga


Yoga is one of those things that I’ve been meaning to try out.  So, on the 4th of October of the year 2013, I went to my first Yoga class.

It was held in Central Square, so parking the bike was a bit concerning… especially since the homeless guy next to me kept trying to convince me that I should go buy him some booze from the liquor store next door… Sure, he was offering to give me $1 for it, but I think I’m good without, thank you very much.

Once the bike was parked I met up with Terese and headed inside to get changed and ready.  Honestly, there isn’t much of a story to my first yoga class… it was pretty straight forward.  It was a “power yoga” class, which I learned means “cardio in a slightly-warm room, doing poses that sound like what I’d hear in a movie with yoga in it”.  It was cool, and they used phrases like “become a tree” and “upward facing dog into downward facing dog”.  We didn’t even have a teacher, we instead had a “yoga guide” to aid us in our journey for the evening.

Yeah… I enjoyed it, but I don’t think that I’ll be heading back to this particular place.  It’s the same problem that I have with just joining a gym – I don’t like working out.  I like activities and movement, but not repetitive motions for the pure goal of working out.

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I am an adventurer. I've been many things in my life; a machinist, a mechanical designer, a training coordinator, a facilities consultant, and a seasonal construction worker. But through it all, I've kept my love of adventure and exploration strong, through rock climbing, backpacking, cycling, exploring, and trying new things. The rush of adventure is intoxicating, and the thrill of discovery and exploring is unbeatable.

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