A quick note about Immersion in another culture


I haven’t mentioned this in any posts yet, but a lot of my time in Venezuela has been spent speaking (or trying to speak) Spanish.  I’m not particularly good at it, but slowly but surely I’m remembering what I learned in highschool, and adding little phrases and words as people teach them to me.

People say its best to learn by immersion, but I never really understood what they meant until now.  I’m honestly starting to think primarily in Spanish instead of English, and I’m speaking in Spanish as often as I can; even to people who speak English.  Right there, when I typed “English”?  I actually thought “Ingles”  yeah.  Its kinda cool, kinda creepy, and all around impressive.  The human brain really is good at adapting to its surroundings.

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  1. That is pretty amazing, since I don’t recall Spanish being any where near your strong suit in school. But you’re right, when you’re in the culture 24/7 somehow the language just clicks.

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