Daily Archives: October 29, 2011

Life in Medway


I’m bored. Since getting back to Boston from Sao Paulo I’ve been sitting around not doing too much… I sent my passport in to get renewed within the first few days of being home, but besides that I’ve been in a bit of a funk. No idea what I want to do, There’s no one in Medway to hang out with, and Boston’s more than a bit too far to drive on a regular basis. Also, my finances for this trip are NOT where I wanted them to be this short into the adventure. Saving money’s become the name of the game, but scrimping tends to mean a lack of adventures.

However, I have been doing a bit to keep myself busy. Biking and going for long walks have been the story of my days, and in the evenings I’ve been doing some basic reasearch into other trip ideas, and I’ve been looking into moving to San Francisco for the rest of my stay in the States. Mostly just relaxing and reading though, to be honest.

I have been taking a good number of pictures on my little walks though, and a few days back my Stepdad and I picked up the “Assault on Black Reach” box set for Warhammer 40k which I’ve been painting up. Decided to make myself a “Fallen Angels” themed army; for those in the know, this is awesome. For those who don’t know the fiction behind Warhammer 40,000… the Fallen Angels are a splinter group that split from one of the imperial armies back in the founding of the universe. No one is really sure if their loyal or traitors, and theres a bit of theory saying that the Fallen are the loyalists, while the “loyal” angels currently in the army are the actual traitors. I love ambiguity 😀

Anyways. Here’re some pictures – Enjoy!