August 6th, Hungry Tiger fest, parties, and summaries!


Friday –


Since I’ve finished up with work so I can plan and pack for my trip, Friday was really just like any other day until Allison got in from her house. It’s been nice actually, being able to just stay in all day, work out, relax, and get stuff ready for this trip of mine. The current workout that I’m rolling with has been:


A 12-set Tabata protocol: 20s of high-intensity workout, followed by a 10s rest, repeated 12 times. Usually goes 2x jumping jacks, 2x running, 2x boxing, repeat

100 pushups for time

30 pullups for time

250 situps for time

Another 12-set Tabata.


Pretty tough for me, and I’m going to keep boosting the numbers as I get better, so I keep being unable to feel my arms afterwards 😛


Anyways, aside from getting to work out all day, turns out that today was my buddy Daniels birthday party! 


  • No work, yay!
  • Relax and work out all day
  • Pick up Allison from the station – train = late = so what? I have a KINDLE!
  • Daniels birthday – went to a place called “Soul Fire”, an amazing BBQ pit. Most entertaining part of the night? Stef came along. The Vegan. Came along to the BBQ pit. All of us had plates heaped high with meat, and she had a small dish with a bowl of rice in the center. She spent the whole night staring sadly at Daniel as he chowed down.
  • Big City for some Pool and Foosball.
  • Home and relax



Saturday –


Allison and I woke up around mid-day, slowly ridding ourselves of the grogginess that comes from sleeping in a bit too much. Since we had some leftovers from dinner the night before, and I didn’t really want to eat out, I made a quick trip to the grocery store to get breakfast foods. When I got back Allison was fully mobile, so we started cooking up a breakfast of scrambled eggs with shaved ribs in them… sounds a bit strange I know, but its really quality. Just shave some BBQ spare-ribs into scrambled eggs before cooking them, then serve with a bit of BBQ sauce and Parmigiana cheese. Perfection.


After breakfast we hung out for a bit, waiting for Kasia to get in. I got a call that my fancy outfit for next weekends wedding was done being altered, so once Kasia did arrive we all packed into the car and headed over to pick up my outfit. And what an outfit… seriously, this thing looks amazing; its an emerald green Kurta with gold, silver, and turquoise embroidery work through it, studded with red glass rhinestones. Yeah. And I was trying it on with two beautiful women… I’m money, and I know it, hehe 😛


After picking up the suit, we headed over to T and Maureen’s place to pick them and Dillon up for a huge street faire in Somerville; the Hungry Tiger Street Faire. I had first heard about the Hungry Tiger Faire on facebook, through a guy that I had met at last weekends burning-man fundraiser, and it looked amazing – fire-spinners, street vendors, and lots of random “ethnic” food. T bailed out at the last minute, which was actually good since I didn’t have enough seats in my car, Dillon arrived, and we all headed over to party it up.


The first order of business once we arrived was to check out the vendors, though it got derailed for a few minutes when I got ambushed by an old friend of mine, Libby. I knew that she had gotten into spinning, but what I didn’t know was that she was one of the movers and shakers in the Medford spinners-league-thing, and had actually put in a lot of the planning work for this whole event. See, fire-spinning is technically illegal in MA, qualifying as “unregistered pyrotechnics” and being subject to a rather hefty fine from what I’ve been told. Well… up ’till now that is, since Libby was somehow able to help get a full fire-permit for this event.


Anyways, after talking to Libby we poked around and checked out the vendors, waiting for the spinners to start up. I bought Allison a cool Asian-style parasol, we all got some Indian food (holy crap good!), and we chilled out and chatted. Allison and Kasia got to ride this wicked cool dragon-thing that one guy had set up… you sat in a saddle on its back, and when you pulled on the reigns it would rear back and roar… wicked cool! The fire-spinners finally got ready to start though, and we all started looking for seats… and my adventurousness backfired on me in a spectacular way.


See… there was really nowhere that I could get pictures as amazing as I could at the last spinning event. But there was a hard-topped bus-stop right nearby, which would give a perfect vantage point for the event. I scampered up pretty quick, followed by Kasia, and made myself comfortable waiting for Allison and the rest to come up. As I was helping Mike though, hell struck: Allison decided that she couldn’t make it up (no, she didn’t try. Yes, she was wearing a long dress and sandals, but… Kasia was wearing a dress and 3” heels. So… it was possible) and started flipping out that Kasia and I were going

to have a romantic time up there without here. What. Seriously… crying, screaming, etc… Allison was an impressive sight to behold, tears streaming, screaming “Ben! Come down! NOW!”. So I jumped down, comforted her for a bit (telling her we’d discuss it later), and we left Kasia and Mike up on the bus stop to go find a viewpoint somewhere that Allison could get to.


We ended up sitting pretty close to the front, right near the barriers that the spinners had erected to make sure everyone was safe. I got some wicked amazing pictures (the trick? Take a ton of pictures!) of the events… my favorite was a group of four guys who did two group-dances; two guys would have Bo-Staffs, two would have Fire-Poi, and they’d all move together in patterns around the stage. The two songs were perfect for the show too; Ride of the Valkyries and the theme to Pirates of the Carribean. Hell yeah.


After the show (around 10:00) we headed out, all aiming to meet back up at T and Maureen’s place for a party that Filipe (their other roommate) had planned out. Maureen was actually already home thanks to food poisoning or a stomach bug (she left the spinning early), and to be honest the party really stuck with the “slow and lethargic” theme that Maureen was feeling. Not too many people showed up, and when they did they were super low-energy. A few of us did some totally rad dancing, I actually worked up a nice sweat, but without anyone else helping to keep the momentum the dance party died out pretty quickly. Allison and I ended up heading home a bit early, getting back to my place around one or so.


Quote of the night: “Some things are best when fermented. Potato Salad is not one of them”



Sunday –


Summary time!


  • Up late again, but this time… IHOP!
  • Sexy store and sexy times with Allison
  • Pick up Kasia from Mike’s place.
  • Relax
  • Allison makes dinner
  • Help my mom pick up some stuff for my sisters new apartment while Allison’s cooking
  • Movie… what? No. Damnit. Why are we watching this epically stupid girly movie? Kasia and I gang up on Allison and change the channel to something a bit more humane.
  • Sleepz


Monday –


This weekend with Allison was just rough, and proved how bad of an idea the whole relationship was. Time to be a man about it. Breakup time, like a Boss. A depressed and “I don’t wanna do this, but know that its for the best” Boss. Damnit.

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