Weekend of 15JULY11 – Birthday Party!

Weekend of 15JUL11
This weekend was just a series of partying, recovering, partying, and 
then napping a lot... Thus I'm just going to give a quick overview 
instead of the usual full-on story.

Friday -
Work on Friday - Stressful.  Why?  I quit my job.  Yep... put in my 
official two weeks notice to my boss, one of the most difficult 
conversations I've had to date.  But its over, and I'm leaving, and 
I'm definitely going on my world trip, WOO WOO!

After work was a lot of chilling and relaxing and eating, then 
picking up Allison and Liz and heading to my Birthday Party at Big 
T's place on the hill.  Stories are as follows;

I got the single greatest mini-keg ever.  Stopping in at the liquor 
store I decided against the usual mini-keg of Heinekin or Newcastle 
Brown, and instead picked up something else.  Not sure what it was, 
since it was completely in German, but DAMN that stuff was tasty!

Disco is back, and it seems I'm the king - "The Sprinkler", "Funky 
big-rig", "the lawn mower", "What is Love", and "The cool school bus" 
were all danced.  Yes, I looked like an idiot.  Yes it was totally 
worth it.

Frat guys + sorority sluts are stupid and annoying.  One frat dude 
with a popped collar and messed up sun visor showed up with three 
fat and scanky girls... they left after maybe 20min thankfully, but 
I did hear a scary concentration of the words "Brah", "tehe", and 
"like, no way!" coming from them while they were there.  But after 
slurping down all their Bud Lights (a 30-rack finished in 15min 
between the four of them) they headed out, since all we had was my 
beer and some Heinekin. It is nice how good beer scares them away...

Filipe now has a disco ball.  Nope, that doesn't make us dance any 
better.  Yes, it makes us looks dumber while dancing like white kids.  
Yes, totally worth it.

Four-Loco, when used in Jungle Juice, is amazing.  I had the sensation 
of being buzzed / trashed, yet absolutely no spins, nausea, or 
unhapiness.  Four-Loco straight = death.  Four-Loco mixed = heaven :)

If you have a jealous girlfriend, then dancing with female friends 
while she is asleep on the couch can be a dangerous thing.  Yeah... 
she woke up half-way through my friend and I doing a horrible 
rendition of the swing and made a flying leap into my arms to 
intercept me.  Ended slightly painfully for me, I'll admit.  Still, 
definitely impressive.

Not being the designated driver is amazing.

Saturday -
Brunch at iHop is quite excellent.

Being flexible is amazingly important - Saturday night was supposed 
to be an awesome fashion party for a girl who was featured on Vogue 
finally, but when we arrived?  Enterance gated, locked, and the 
lights out.  So what do I do?  Tell everyone who's freaking out to 
calm down, and we go to another bar.  Fun times ensue.

Serious business is serious.  I don't understand why people feel the 
need to make everything serious and sucky and PC all the time.  I'm 
trying to get information from a girl about traveling to South 
America, and all she'll tell me is that the natives will shoot me 
for not speaking their specific dialect of spanish / portuguese.  
So I say "ok, so their fairly xenophobic and unfriendly".  Her reply?  
"No, their super-friendly and accomodating!  But only if you look 
like them and speak their language perfectly...  Otherwise they'll 
stab you, rape you, and steal your kittens."  Seriously.  Truth is 
truth, even if its not nice.

I love Air Conditioners, even when they're frozen over and barely 
working they're better than the heat.

Sunday -
Sundays are designed for relaxing, playing video games, taking naps, 
and listening to music.  That is really all there is to say on the 


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