Weekend of 23APR

Weekend of 23APR to 24APR

Friday -
relaxed and played video games, nothing too fancy.  For dinner, I 
made a simple sausage and onions and cheese dish and relaxed, just
chilling out for the evening

Saturday -
Relaxed all day, not really doing anything worth while.  
Slept a lot, since it was raining.  Played through the 
remainder of Dawn of War: Retribution with the Guard.  
Stayed over Kitties place Sat night, relaxing and having fun.

Sunday -
Went to Kates place in the morning, ate good food, relaxed 
with everyone, caught up with Kate, Andy, and Ivy, and hunted 
for easter eggs with Kittie.  Afterwards Kittie and I cruised 
out to Quincy, climbed Sorority Rock twice, and the climb next
 to it once each.  did some pretty solid climbing, and some pretty
 fun Bouldering as well; my new goal for Quincy is the climb to
 the left of Sorority, over the overhang.

After climbing, dropped Kittie off at her place and headed home 
to make dinner.  Kittie came over with Red Cliffs (Part 1), and 
we cuddled up and watched the movie, then curled up in bed and 
crashed semi-early.

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