Adventures from 20 Aug 2010 through today, 24 Aug 2010


So, this week has been rather boring, due to the rain, long days at work, and my own lazyness.  Over the weekend I vegged out with Chirag and Co, and biked around the city.  Saturday night was rather amazing since Dave finally got back from his training in Germany, and we ended up having a full potluck-ish dinner of Beef stew and BBQ, and Sunday we all chilled and grilled up some fillets, but besides those evening dinners, I pretty much just played Starcraft II, did Laundry, and biked around Newton / Watertown.

It was the definition of a lazy Sunday, where I had gotten up around noon or so, played video games, took a shower, and was actually mobile by three or four.  The clouds were pretty threatening, and the wind was DEFINITELY not my favorite kind, but I headed out for a short 10mile ride anyways, just running out to the Pike, around Newton Center where my Mom used to work, and then back again past the Charles.  Overall a really nice ride since the rain held off, but pretty standard and nothing majorly exciting went on.

Monday was a different ball of yarn though, since when I woke up the rain was just starting to peak, and I had slept in a bit longer than I’d usually like.  But I got up and biked into work anyways; screw the rain, I’ve got backpacking gear and the balls to use it.  I even wrote a Haiku to go along with my ride,

It’s raining today

The sorrow of every bike

But I have rain gear

Simple, I know, but I like being poetic every once in a while, when I have the chance.  And although the ride TO work was kinda rough, the ride HOME was amazing: I didn’t bother locking down my rain gear, so I just rode and got soaked.  Upside of wearing swimshorts and underarmor on my ride to and from work, I guess, but I was warm and uncaring the entire ride back; I even did a few extra laps on the esplenade to stretch my legs.  Of course, having a paycheck from work to deposit did help my mood a bit, I won’t lie, hehe.

And, since nothing good can last, I ended up being forced to ride through a whole field of broken glass when two cars smashed into each other on the road ahead of me.  I wasn’t in any danger, since they collided a few hundred feet ahead, but unfortunately I couldn’t get out of their “blast zone”, since all the other lanes were taken up by rather nasty Boston drivers.  And so my new “glass proof” tires got their first trial by fire.  And, thankfully, I’m able to tell you all that they succeeded, and I have no flats yet, at least for now.

So… we’ll see how the ride home on Tuesday fares; debating hitting up the climbing gym, but we’ll see how I feel when I finally leave…

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