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Adventures from 20 Aug 2010 through today, 24 Aug 2010


So, this week has been rather boring, due to the rain, long days at work, and my own lazyness.  Over the weekend I vegged out with Chirag and Co, and biked around the city.  Saturday night was rather amazing since Dave finally got back from his training in Germany, and we ended up having a full potluck-ish dinner of Beef stew and BBQ, and Sunday we all chilled and grilled up some fillets, but besides those evening dinners, I pretty much just played Starcraft II, did Laundry, and biked around Newton / Watertown.

It was the definition of a lazy Sunday, where I had gotten up around noon or so, played video games, took a shower, and was actually mobile by three or four.  The clouds were pretty threatening, and the wind was DEFINITELY not my favorite kind, but I headed out for a short 10mile ride anyways, just running out to the Pike, around Newton Center where my Mom used to work, and then back again past the Charles.  Overall a really nice ride since the rain held off, but pretty standard and nothing majorly exciting went on.

Monday was a different ball of yarn though, since when I woke up the rain was just starting to peak, and I had slept in a bit longer than I’d usually like.  But I got up and biked into work anyways; screw the rain, I’ve got backpacking gear and the balls to use it.  I even wrote a Haiku to go along with my ride,

It’s raining today

The sorrow of every bike

But I have rain gear

Simple, I know, but I like being poetic every once in a while, when I have the chance.  And although the ride TO work was kinda rough, the ride HOME was amazing: I didn’t bother locking down my rain gear, so I just rode and got soaked.  Upside of wearing swimshorts and underarmor on my ride to and from work, I guess, but I was warm and uncaring the entire ride back; I even did a few extra laps on the esplenade to stretch my legs.  Of course, having a paycheck from work to deposit did help my mood a bit, I won’t lie, hehe.

And, since nothing good can last, I ended up being forced to ride through a whole field of broken glass when two cars smashed into each other on the road ahead of me.  I wasn’t in any danger, since they collided a few hundred feet ahead, but unfortunately I couldn’t get out of their “blast zone”, since all the other lanes were taken up by rather nasty Boston drivers.  And so my new “glass proof” tires got their first trial by fire.  And, thankfully, I’m able to tell you all that they succeeded, and I have no flats yet, at least for now.

So… we’ll see how the ride home on Tuesday fares; debating hitting up the climbing gym, but we’ll see how I feel when I finally leave…

Biking home from Medway


So this Saturday I decided to redo a ride I had taken about a year ago; where I had biked from Boston to Medway back then, I planned on biking from Medway back to Boston today.  The route is about 23mi, and the last time I had ridden this route had been when I still lived on Mission Hill, and I had ridden the old Fuji back then, when it still actually had a front derailer.  The ride to Medway was annoyingly hilly and slow, so I was hoping that this return trip would be a lot more downhill and coasting.  I was right.

This ride was one of the easiest long rides I’ve done in as long as I can remember.  I seriously moved out of the top three gears on the new Scott three times at most, and those were just because of some mean-steep hills.  So I flew, hopping up to the top gear more than once to speed past cars on the downhill.  I intended to stop at an ice cream place called Bubbling Brook, but remembered while I was riding that the shop is at the bottom of a huge hill that I’d be riding down.  Well, I decided to skip the restaurant when I passed it going at least 25mph on the downhill; no way was I going to loose that momentum for a small scoop of ice cream.

So I continued on, nearly flying through the town centers and over the bridge spanning I-95, ‘till I found myself riding through JP.  From ere I tried to decide where I wanted to go: either JP licks for an ice cream, home to cook something up, or hang out at my buddy T’s place and grab some pizza from down the street.  Well, as I hit JP licks I had a tail-wind and a green light, so that option dropped off.  But, by the time I got to the intersection by T’s place my stomach was reminding me on no uncertain terms how long it had been since I had last eaten.  So pizza it was, and when combined with bad anime and beer, Pizza becomes one of the greatest inventions of mankind, and a great way to finish off a long bike ride.

Story of Whitehorse, July 24th – July 25th Part “The Finale”


Once we were back at the car with all the gear safely stowed away, we headed out for what we had been dreaming of since we first started our descent off Whitehorse: Applebee’s.  We had passed the restaurant on the drive up from Boston, and were both drooling over thoughts of a warm seat, a hot meal, and a cold milkshake.  We arrived there with literally 15min to spare before they closed, and got a table.

Turns out that the Matre’D for the night was also a rock climber, and he happened to be rather bored.  So, after hearing the short story of why we were muddy and soaked, he asked if he could join us for a bit, since he was effectively off work anyways.  All three of us sat down and started swapping climbing / adventure stories, starting with the long version of Daniel and my day, and ending with him telling us about a few wicked cool trips he took out to Utah.  The longer we talked the more people showed up to hang out, and by the time Daniel and I had finished our meals (chicken fingers for him, steak for me, both with milkshakes) we had accumulated a group of five or six people at the table, waitresses and bus boys and hosts all telling stories about outdoor adventures and “general epic excitement” from our lives.  Funny story: North Conway doesn’t only have some of the best climbing, it also has some of the best climbing culture too, from years upon years of people gravitating towards the big walls.

After our meal was done and story time was over, Daniel and I mounted back up and headed home towards the Loj.  We arrived about an hour before everyone started heading to bed, and so had time to hear what everyone had been up to, and chat a bit by the fireplace (which was not lit, once out of the rain we realized how hot it actually was out) for a bit.  Before we went to bed we discussed plans for tomorrow, deciding that enough was quite definitely enough, and we’d let the rain take the rest of the weekend and book it back towards Boston for a bit of R&R before the next week.