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A Thanksgiving adventure – Kicking around Wilsonville


A Thanksgiving adventure – Kicking around Wilsonville

Thanksgiving is going to be different this year. This is my first year being single in half a decade, and thanks to the COVID Pandemic it’s also the first year that I can’t travel, and don’t have any friends still in town. I’m flying solo, have a ton of vacation to burn, and am feeling energetic...

From Saturday, 21-Nov-2020 through Monday, 30-Nov-2020

I did a lot, this week.

It’s weird though… it really didn’t feel like a lot, at the time. I relaxed, I had a really nice, calm, quiet and reflective time. Waking up when I felt like it, walking and lifting weights and relaxing on the couch when the mood struck. I gamed, I walked, I ate excellent food (lots of un-photographed BLTs, for one reason or another), and I enjoyed the quiet solitude of living alone in the midst of a pandemic.

Truth be told, I’m not unhappy with it.

I took a week off in June, and didn’t do much. It was great.


First week of June – 29-May through 07-June


2020 hasn’t been a pleasant year. 2019 wasn’t great either, but it wasn’t quite as bad, all told. 2020 though…

Thanks to COVID, we weren’t going on our spring trip. I was hoping to take Sarah and myself to France, or maybe Colorado, to take a real climbing trip. A chance to escape a bit, and explore the world together.

Instead, we were stuck in the house, with almost every trailhead closed, the gym’s doors barred, and very little positivity going on.

It wasn’t a great time, but I’d already booked the vacation time with my manager, so I figured that at least I could get a bit of relaxation in. Stay-cations aren’t a bad thing, and even though it wasn’t exactly what I’d been planning on, I was actually quite excited for it.

I had a video game I was enjoying, the yard had a few projects that I’d been waiting for a chance to work on, and I needed the chance to catch up on sleep if nothing else.

So what did we do?

  • Hiked the Wildwood trail with Ollie!
  • Worked in the garden, and enjoyed the flowers!
  • Took walks around the city!
  • Mowed the lawn and perfectly edged the patio! (I think I did this after the week off, but it’s not big enough to warrant its own post)
  • Relaxed!

It was a solidly good week off.