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09 & 10-April, 2016 – Hanging out in Bend after training on Mt. Hood

Saturday (just the tail end of it) and Sunday, 09 & 10-April-2016
After coming down from Mt. Hood and taking a quick nap in the car, drive down to Bend to meet up with Sarah and friends.  Do a quick stop in for food, but mostly I just take the drive as a chance to cool off and relax a bit from the hike.  Turns out: high altitude really doesn’t set well with me, so taking the time to drive with the top down while cranking music is exactly what the doctor ordered… mostly.  It does help, but I’m still a bit cranky when I get to camp outside of Smith.
So, instead of heading into the park to meet everyone, I just nap at the campsite.  It helps, a bit, though what really saves my sanity is dinner afterward – Sarah makes up some glorious Chili dogs, which satiate perfectly.  Then: passing out.
Sunday, we head up into the marsupials… a pretty far-flung section of Smith Rock.  It promises to be a good day… hot, but not too brutal.
But by the time we make it to the climb, we can tell that our heads aren’t in the game, in any way/shape/form.  So instead of forcing a climb, we take the better part of valor and just head back to Hood River without tempting fate.
The hiking is good though… surprisingly good, after how burnt out I was from Mt. Hood… more proof that the fatigue is altitude related, maybe?  Either way, the hiking is lovely, and Ollie helps keep our spirits up 🙂20160410_105417

Saturday, 09-April-2016… and some of Friday. Mostly: Training hike up Mt. Hood!

Saturday, 09-April-2016… and some of Friday.  Mostly: Training hike up Mt. Hood!

Friday and Saturday, 08 & 09-April, 2016… though not much of Friday, I’ll admit.

Quick post this time… since let’s be honest, a training hike isn’t really the most exciting thing out there.


Wake up and hit the climbing gym “early” for a warm up… at 9:30 or 10:00. Good leading, though I still pop off that 5.12b from the comp. Then drop Sarah off at the house, hit REI to get some gear that I wrecked on the hike the weekend before (trekking poles and snow pants), and back home to Hood River to sleep. Sleep, pack, eat, stress, sleep, stress, etc…



Finally leave the house @ 4:00, way later after I’d planned, thanks to forgetting stuff and generally being annoyed and flustered. Start hiking Mt Hood at 5:45, as it’s just starting to brighten up.  It’s a long walk… and honestly not the most exciting one.  But walking solo is kind of nice, and I keep a… pace.  Definitely a pace.  Rest a lot, enjoy my time.  Nap at the top of the Palmer, play on some high-angle ice, chat with photographer and give him water, see an injury from icefall (wear your helmets, kids!), and walk down.  Not… not super exciting, I’ll admit.  It wasn’t a super fun hike, but it did get me some good training and altitude conditioning… I think?