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A concert! I went to see Delta Rae in Concert!


Thursday, 21-Oct-2021

Or, the day in when Ben goes to a concert!


That can’t…

That title line can’t be right. It’s a pandemic! The world is ending! There can’t be things like concerts, can there be?

Huh! Ben goes to a concert!!!

Okay, so yeah. I wore a mask, stood away from everyone, and was a kind of “social anti-social public hermit” like thing. But you know what? I WENT TO A CONCERT!!!

Now, full disclosure here – I was supposed to go to TWO concerts this week. Walk The Moon with my neighbors on Tuesday, and then Delta Rae flying solo on Thursday. But I was feeling a bit under the weather on Tuesday, and the neighbors were kinda tired out too, so… in the spirit of “Yes, the pandemic is still a thing” I decided to call it, and take some extra time to rest and recover.

Once Thursday rolled around I was feeling back up to… well, not a full 100%, but at least a solid 84.3%, give or take 0.25%, so I figured that it’d be clear to go on… AN ADVENTURE!


That’s kinda the whole story.

Sort of like hiking, I don’t really know what to type up about the show. It was fun, the opening act was cool, and they played lots of songs that I liked, and even sang along to. I danced! Yay me!

I guess there is one pretty interesting part of the show, though… You see, I was feeling pretty bummed that I’d skipped the Walk The Moon show on Tuesday, and was definitely partially regretting my choices. I knew it was probably the right call, but… maybe it wasn’t? My brain was all confused and on the fence, you know?

Then, the Universe (yes, capitalized) gave me a sign. I was clearly told that, yes, I’d made the right decision.

What was the sign? Well… an interesting thing about Delta Rae is how amazing they are as performers. Their shows are tightly controlled, their aesthetics are on point, and their stage presence is off the charts. They’re unapologetically THEM, and they present it perfectly. Part of that is, in all the times I’ve seen them live, they’ve never covered another band’s songs, at least that I can remember.

But this time, at the very end of their set, during the Encore, they covered something. I like Walk The Moon, obviously, and my favorite song of theirs is called “Shut up and Dance”. When Delta Rae broke into a cover… I was ecstatic! Confused, since there’s absolutely no link between the bands that I know of… but the fact that they covered the song I was most excited to see, and most sad that I missed…

Well, that’s a pretty good sign in my book.

Portland Autumn by bike


Week preceding Sunday, 29-Sept-2019

As you may recall, my Bike had been stolen back in May, after mother’s day.

Insurance had been difficult, as had been bike shops in general – it turns out that not only is Portland much more expensive than Boston when bikes are involved, but that sales people aren’t always the most knowledgeable… After searching through half a dozen bike shops, being told that my budget was impossibly low, and being told that my previous bike had never existed (sales people… Arg!) I gave up.

After giving myself a few weeks to cool down, I threw down.

I went to the neighborhood bike shop, and told them that I wanted a bike. I told them every specific that I wanted, then handed them my credit card and told them to go hog wild.I mean, I also got a quote, compared them to other shops in town, and discussed a lot of options. But that doesn’t make for good reading, so let’s just pretend I acted like a badass instead, and just threw down.

Anyways I got a new bike. Just in time for the Portland Rain to hit. Exactly in time, actually, and I biked home in the rain.

You know what? That’s fine, because I biked. And that’s exactly what I’ve been waiting to do!

Thankfully the rest of the week wasn’t quite as rainy, and I got to take a few after-work rides around town. It’s amazing how much different Portland is when traveling by bike… I’ve noticed so many more murals, but I’ve also just how quiet our neighborhood gets early in the evening. It’s kind of creepy – it’s as if everyone is on exactly the same schedule regarding when to eat dinner and then when to go home.

Still, though. I’m enjoying being back on two wheels, getting to poke around and take pictures of all the pretty streets and ridiculous hipster stores full of artisanally-crafted, single-sourced, small-batch, super-expensive chatchkes that are fun to poke and prod.

I’ve even been able to bike to the gym again, and bike to the local taco spot, and bike to pick up my car… I’m biking again!!