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A Halloween of many parts: Weekend #2


By the time I showed up at Daniel’s apartment for my third Halloween celebration, I’d already had a rather full day – the NERAX beer tasting event in the morning and rock climbing at Metro Rock in the afternoon… not to mention the fact that I’d stayed up nearly the entire night before putting the finishing touches on my costume.

What costume had I been working on, you ask? Well, more a prop for a costume; I’d run with the “fallen angel” that I’d worn to Salem, and simply added one extra bit – a golden fiddle. A golden fiddle complete with the full lyrics to the famous “Devil went down to Georgia” song.

The party that night was, in a word, excellent. Nearly everyone *cough*ExceptChirag*cough* had an awesome costume, and the hosts had set the apartment up perfectly for a rather amazing evening. A few of the best moments follow:

  • Marla dressed up, rather impressively, as Link from the Legend of Zelda. But there was one problem – she’s not an encyclopedia of random Zelda knowledge. A few of our friends are. A quote from Marla, who was worried that no one would get her costume, “Dude! I out-geeked myself!”
  • I played a fiddle competition against a Victorian-Era Viking. The results are still inconclusive.
  • Mike dressed up as Caesar, gave Erin and Chirag collapsible prop-knives, and got assassinated part-way through the party. That was awesome.
  • What was more awesome was Daniel’s roommate Sue standing on top of his “corpse” and reciting the entire death-speech from Shakespeare’s play. From memory.
  • There was a Pinata. It was hellishly difficult to break… especially since people insisted that we spin the at-bar person around a dozen times. Many kneecaps screamed in agony, but the pinata was finally defeated.

As the party wore on into the night, Cards against Humanity was brought out and we played a few semi-rousing games before a group of us decided to head on out and change the pace a bit. Big T was finally back in town, and Mike Chirag and myself wanted to have a fun Scotch and Cigar night with him before he needed to head out. Thanks to Chirag’s sober lifestyle we had a driver, and so we moved the party over to Mike’s apartment for the remainder of the evening.

We caroused, hung out, caught up, and even watched an episode or two of Archer. And in the morning, we got an amazing diner breakfast from Innman Square.

Not a bad way to finish up my three Halloween adventures.

A Halloween of many parts: The Eve itself


The Location: Salem, MA.

The group: Daniel, Erin, and myself.

The costumes: The Cloak (Daniel), Little Red Riding Hood (Erin), and a Fallen Angel (Myself)


The train was packed. Like… not “whoa, that’s a lot of people!” packed. This was “mmrrrphle!” packed. As in “I can’t speak to tell you how crowded this is, because I am stuffed in the space between a frat boy and a dude in a gorilla suit”.

But really, what should I have expected? This WAS the train to Salem, from Boston, on the night of Halloween. The 8:00 train, also known as the most popular train, out of the most popular station, to the most popular Halloween site in New England. Arguably the most popular Halloween site in the country.

But, we persevered. It actually wasn’t that difficult… we told jokes relating to the drunkies screaming half a car away, chatted with the people squished against us, and tried not to muss up our costumes too badly. It was fun – that’s the joy of a holiday like Halloween; getting to meet new people and try to survive the crowds unscathed.

Thankfully I was able to make it all the way to Salem without doing too much damage to the wings that Erin had lent me, and so we walked (picking up some friends of Daniels along the way) into the heart of the insanity known as Salem Center on Halloween Night.

Seriously, this place was crazy. It was awesome. It was just… fun! I mean, the craziness doesn’t really compare to some of the other places that I’ve been (the Castro district in San Francisco, for one), but it was the unexpected sense of “hey, why not? Let’s dress up and be crazy!” that really swept me up.

That’s the thing about Boston: Our city is a controlled city – people do what they are expected to do. We have our riots, but you see rioters when and where you should see them – after a big game. You see people partying on the 4th of July, and you see standard-issue costumes on Halloween. As a whole, Boston doesn’t really just do things for no reason.

But when we do get an excuse to go out… This is a group of people who are cooped up in their suits and work clothes all year long, knowing that soon enough the entire city will be blanketed in a layer of wintery ice. This is their last chance for insanity and excitement before the winter, and since everyone is going crazy anyways…

Well, there was a lot to do, to say the least;

We tagged along with a long Buddhist procession, chanting some sort of hymn and handing out flyers.

Daniel and I tangoed in a giant dance circle, accompanied by a pair of robots disco-fighting.

Daniel got his Aura read – turns out that his wrist pain is due to stealing something in a past life.

We watched concerts and danced to some random Djs, ate fried dough and threw out sketchy candy that creepy people handed out.

And at the end of the night? We watched fireworks from the station platform before boarding a much-subdued train back into the city 🙂

A Halloween of many parts: Weekend #1


Saturday, 27 OCT 12


It’d been a full day so far: Driving at “Editor for a day” with Car & Driver, Climbing with Daniel and Erin, and now going on a bar crawl dressed as “A Jewish Bob Marley” with Mike, who was dressed as a “Magical Space Wizard”.

How did I decide on that costume?

Simple: it was what we found on Mike’s floor that was still clean, combined with a Beanie we found. Mike’s Space Wizard costume? A walking stick, some random tie-dyed clothes, and a robe.

Yeah… we go all out for Halloween. Honest.

But I couldn’t be blamed – this was 100% last-minute, and we hadn’t even planned on going out this weekend at all. The plan was originally to do the weekend after Halloween as our main adventure night, but neither of us had anything really interesting to do… so why not?

And so, after spending about 20min “creating” our most-excellent costumes, we headed out into the night searching for a good bar to hit up.

Our original plan was to track down a band that Mike’d seen earlier in the day – There had been a Jazz festival going on in Somerville that afternoon, and after the festival itself ended all the bands went off to their own little shows at bars and coffee houses around town. This one was at Union Square right nearby, so we had jumped in and headed over. Unfortunately we found the bar packed full of un-costumed 40 year olds… not really our crowd, especially with our amazing costumes.

So we moved on – this time to a club/bar called Johnny D’s. I’d been to Johnny D’s a few times before – they’re a sort of jazz club, a small venue where semi-established bands play almost every night of the week. It’s usually pretty packed and has a light cover, but it’s always been worth it in my opinion.

Tonight was no exception – The place was packed, and the stage was filled with the seven or eight members of a cabaret band called “Booty Vortex”. An awesome name… made even better by one guy in the crowd dressed up as a literal “booty vortex” – A tornado full of butts. Yeah. He was awesome.

And the night followed suit.

It was Excellent – Booty Vortex is an amazingly fun band; they’d dressed up as Gilligan’s Island (except the dummer, who was Karl Drogan from Game of Thrones, thus showing off pretty much every part of himself) and were rocking out like tonight was their last show. It wasn’t, of course, but they played everything anyways – a few covers, but mostly their own rather excellent tunes.

And on top of that, the costumes around were amazing – one couple was dressed as the constellations Cassiopea and Orion, another group was each portion of the Candyland boardgame, and there was one guy dressed up as Dr. Facilier from the Princess and the Frog – complete with an amazing mask and a glowy cane. Even some of the standard-issue “sexy” costumes were interesting; this was the first year I’ve ever seen “sexy mummy” or “sexy fruit-viking” before.

But as every Bostonian party, this one ended a bit too early – 01:00 bar-close times are really annoying when the band is good and the people are interesting.

So, we moved on and found a place that wasn’t closing early. On the way we even had a mini-adventure – getting chewed out by a random girl for not recognizing her costume as being from the book Lolita. My comeback to her anger that we’d never read “a clear literary classic”? “Well, that’s true. But remember when you read Shingly’s guide to the Mechanics of Materials”? No? Well that’s what I was reading while you were reading Lolita.”

Our final destination was called The Burren – an Irish bar that thankfully didn’t close ’till a bit after 02:00. We partied here ’till we got bored a bit before the end – the band was rather horrible compared to Booty Vortex, but I did get to chat with a cute Aussie girl who’d just finished her PHD in water systems, so The Burren was redeemed in my eyes.

From there, the night ended as many Boston party nights do – Mike and I watching a few episodes of Archer before I gave up and passed out on the couch.