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My first weekend in Hood River – Day 2!

My first weekend in Hood River – Day 2!

Sunday, 21-June-2015

I’m stressed this morning… I sleep way too late, and it takes me a while to actually rouse myself out of bed even after I’m awake. I had a few stress dreams last night, so I guess the move (and my imminent first day of work) are starting to get to me finally.

But thankfully, the conscious version of Ben knows the solution to all of that. So once I get control back from the unconscious version of Ben (that guy is so lazy… he just sleeps all the time…) I head into the yoga room and spend a while just working out. Simple stuff, but the pushups and squats and yoga clear my head enough for me to really focus down and get the day started.

And that start is basically just getting life ready for my return to the world of employment. It’s:

  • An oil change for the car; which turns into a full service stop, with $300.00 worth of fluids, belts, and other various bits getting replaced.
  • Walking around town, finding myself a new work notebook, since I gave my last one (which was full of steam jet designs and optimization strategies) back to my old boss when I left Artisan Industries.
  • Eating a BLT at a coffee shop in town. Because I can’t get the rest of everything done if I don’t have a belly full of bacon and coffee.
  • Grabbing various snacks for my breakfasts for the week, in case I can’t find anything solid to make otherwise.
  • Doing a pre-drive out to the office where I’ll have orientation, so I know where I’m going and roughly how long it will take – My standard rule is to drive the route the night before, and then triple that time to accommodate for being not fully awake, and traffic.
  • A stop at the car wash, to clean the dust and grime and bugs off the Mustang. The poor thing’s been like this for thousands of miles, and deserves a good soak.

With my chores done, I headed back to the house to relax for a bit, and get some early sleep. Ohh wait, never mind. I wanted to download The Martian, the book about the Mechanical Engineer / Botanist stranded on Mars. So… I do. Then I don’t fall asleep anytime soon, because it’s a really good book, and I can’t put it down…

But that’s fine. Reading is a good way to combat stress too – so while I stay up later than I should, I still fall asleep roughly on time.

Driving from Tennessee to Oklahoma


01-Jun & 02-Jun, Monday and Tuesday


This part of the trip was always going to be a little ridiculous. It wasn’t the longest leg of driving, but it was definitely the most packed.

Starting in Chattanooga, I would be driving to the Jack Daniel’s distillery for a tour, then to Memphis to have BBQ for dinner, and then finally to a hotel in Arkansas for the evening.

From the hotel was a pretty simple & straight drive out to Tulsa – but never underestimate simple and short drives. Somehow they always get interesting along the way…


Monday, 01-Jun-2015

  • Leave Soddy-Daisy a little late, but I can grab lunch on the way to make up the time, so it’s ok.
  • Rain rain rain rain
  • Stop for lunch… wait… time change yes! Extra time to eat!
  • GREAT fried chicken lunch, nice and slow while reading. It’s excellent.
  • Head out, put the top down since it’s finally nice…. crunch. Broken window.
  • Drive to Nissan dealership, he gives me tips & location of Home Depot
  • Clean out most of the glass with boxes and papers and bags
  • Get “clear” plastic & gorilla tape & a brush, clean out the rest of the glass
  • Search for a vacuum… nothing, drive a mile or two to find a car wash, which is run by a dude from CT. Sure, why not?
  • Clean out the back, patch up the window and the front fender… now I’ve wasted 3 hours. Fuck.
  • Drive fast for Jack’s Distillery, make it in time for a 3:45 tour
  • Tour’s done a little after 5:00… too late to make it to Memphis. Go into town to get food… no toys though, nothing interesting.
  • Drive on. This is a really long drive. A very long, very tiring, very unpleasant drive. This is not good. I am not doing well. Eat lots of cinnamon Altoids to stay awake and alert.
  • Hotel in AR, drag damn near everything into the room, just to be safe.
  • Sleep



Tuesday, 02-Jun-2015

  • Wake up, and make a few calls for the Mustang. Nothing good… no one can do it easily / quickly, because… <drumroll> the entire top has to be replaced! Yay!
  • Call insurance, fight with that (they need to send an adjustor, who won’t call me)
  • Forget it. Move along. Move along.
  • Thankfully they don’t charge me for a second day in the hotel, since I take so long getting out…
  • Lost jacket. Forget it. Move along.
  • Long drive, but do it fun and chill with the top down, so that I can… you know… actually see?
  • Arrive @ Jig and Dave’s place, and hang out with Dave for a short bit until Jig gets home. Showers, and then roll out the the bars!