Driving from Tennessee to Oklahoma


01-Jun & 02-Jun, Monday and Tuesday


This part of the trip was always going to be a little ridiculous. It wasn’t the longest leg of driving, but it was definitely the most packed.

Starting in Chattanooga, I would be driving to the Jack Daniel’s distillery for a tour, then to Memphis to have BBQ for dinner, and then finally to a hotel in Arkansas for the evening.

From the hotel was a pretty simple & straight drive out to Tulsa – but never underestimate simple and short drives. Somehow they always get interesting along the way…


Monday, 01-Jun-2015

  • Leave Soddy-Daisy a little late, but I can grab lunch on the way to make up the time, so it’s ok.
  • Rain rain rain rain
  • Stop for lunch… wait… time change yes! Extra time to eat!
  • GREAT fried chicken lunch, nice and slow while reading. It’s excellent.
  • Head out, put the top down since it’s finally nice…. crunch. Broken window.
  • Drive to Nissan dealership, he gives me tips & location of Home Depot
  • Clean out most of the glass with boxes and papers and bags
  • Get “clear” plastic & gorilla tape & a brush, clean out the rest of the glass
  • Search for a vacuum… nothing, drive a mile or two to find a car wash, which is run by a dude from CT. Sure, why not?
  • Clean out the back, patch up the window and the front fender… now I’ve wasted 3 hours. Fuck.
  • Drive fast for Jack’s Distillery, make it in time for a 3:45 tour
  • Tour’s done a little after 5:00… too late to make it to Memphis. Go into town to get food… no toys though, nothing interesting.
  • Drive on. This is a really long drive. A very long, very tiring, very unpleasant drive. This is not good. I am not doing well. Eat lots of cinnamon Altoids to stay awake and alert.
  • Hotel in AR, drag damn near everything into the room, just to be safe.
  • Sleep



Tuesday, 02-Jun-2015

  • Wake up, and make a few calls for the Mustang. Nothing good… no one can do it easily / quickly, because… <drumroll> the entire top has to be replaced! Yay!
  • Call insurance, fight with that (they need to send an adjustor, who won’t call me)
  • Forget it. Move along. Move along.
  • Thankfully they don’t charge me for a second day in the hotel, since I take so long getting out…
  • Lost jacket. Forget it. Move along.
  • Long drive, but do it fun and chill with the top down, so that I can… you know… actually see?
  • Arrive @ Jig and Dave’s place, and hang out with Dave for a short bit until Jig gets home. Showers, and then roll out the the bars!

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