Saturday, 26-Aug-2023 & Sunday, 27-Aug-2023

Okay let’s start off with the most important part. I saw a SUPER cute chipmunk.

Just look at ‘im! Grabbing the grass and eating it! Ahh!

Okay now that we’re past that.

I finally backpacked out to McNeil point! With people, even!

That’s a pretty hefty accomplishment for this year – two trails that I’ve wanted to backpack for years, effectively since I moved to Oregon, complete! Paradise Park, which was absolutely stunning, and now McNeil Point, which… spoiler alert… was also absolutely stunning!

I’ll admit that the sunset wasn’t quite as intense this time, nor were the flowers in quite as intense of a bloom, but… I adored the rocky landscape and amazing adventure of McNeil. Not to mention getting to do as a group – I went with Jess and her friend Stevie, the first time I’ve been backpacking as a group in… ohh, I can’t quite recall how long.

It was excellent, without many stories to be told aside from the enjoyment of the mountains and the excitement of completing a trail long aimed for. We hiked, we camped, we ate and chatted, and read and explored.

It was a good weekend.

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