I painted a Knight (mech)!


May, June, and July – 2023

I painted a Warhammer miniature!

It’s been years since I’ve put together a miniature like this… and for years, I’ve wanted to put together one of the new line of mechs that Games Workshop’s made. They’re cool, they’ve got lots of guns, and they look like they stepped right out of one of the video games I played as a pre-teen and teenager.

Now… I know they’re hard to paint right, and assembly isn’t simple either, so I took my time. I mean, I took my time choosing to buy one in the first place, didn’t I? But hey – right time and right place… when I saw that a new game shop had opened in town, I figured this’d be a great way to support a local shop AND get started on something I’ve been wanting to try!

I took my time. I watched a few youtube videos from one of the guys who paints the model on the box. I picked out colors, and reviewed what I should do in what order. I bought paints, brushes, and even 3D printed up a new base for it to match the vision I had in mind.

Then, I started in.

It started with dissassembling the big bits and pieces from the plastic sprues, and assembling the basic main subsections. For paint, Priming came first – spray painting it all before applying the main layer.

From there, I did the base coat – a rough silvery metal coloration, followed by some golden / bronze highlights. Then an oily wash, to give it a working and “real life” feel; something that was well maintained, but still walks around a battlefield… instead of something straight from a museum.

I also painted the details of the pilot – small and intricate, but that’s why I was taking my time (three months… seriously!), and using a very small brush.

With the base paint set up, came the armor panels. I painted it bone white, from the Deathwing group of the Dark Angels chapter… Space Marines, instead of Imperial Knights (Warhammer 40k stuff), but they’re the faction I used to play, and I wasn’t planning on ever gaming with this, so… I can do what I want!

With the armor painted, and the highlights completed, all that was left was the final assembly of the Knight and the baseplate it would live on. Carefully applied glue, some aged wreckage, and a small mech model that an old friend had gifted me were all applied, alongside some small trees and grass bought from another nearby hobby store.

I can’t express how proud I am of this. How thankful I am to those who taught me the skill (and patience!) to paint something this intricate… and how excited I am to finally have it ready for display!

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