A pre-birthday Sushi dinner


Tuesday, 11-July-2023

It’s almost my birthday!

I’d planned a simple and relaxing day – just hanging out, having a nice breakfast, catching up on things, gaming, and then doing a fun dinner with Jess in the early evening. On Tuesday, though, I’d aim to climb and have sushi! Climb hard, eat well, get lots of rest… not a bad start to a Birthday, right?

Bri and I climbed hard – I don’t remember details, but it was at the usual climbing gym, and I do recall that I put up a good number of routes… But what I do remember was sushi afterward!

We went to a spot that Jessie and I had been, ages back, called Yama. There, we ordered… basically everything. Quail eggs, sushi rolls, soup… I’d climbed hard, and it was my birthday.

Afterward – Ice Cream.


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