Snow backpacking on the White River Glacier – with Jess!


Friday and Saturday, 14-April-2023 and 15-April-2023

It’s been a hot minute since I went backpacking… and an even hotter minute since I’ve been backpacking with someone!

This weekend, I’d be taking Jess on her first snow backpacking experience – so I went with the basics, and we headed up to the White River Glacier to hopefully take advantage of the campsite that I’d tamped down back in… January? Okay, yeah there’s no way that campsite is still prepared.

Ahh well – it’d just make it more of a learning experience, right? Right. Right!


We got a nice Pine State biscuits breakfast, and headed into the woods. Snow. Onto the Glacier.

As always, it was beautiful.

As always, there’s not much to say about walking. We snowshoed, it was fun, had a blast.

Got to camp, carved out a campsite, and settled in for a relaxing and cold evening… good books, good gin, and delicious cocoa!

Nothing really huge of note, though I was really happy with how the tent site came out!


Saturday dawned nice and clear, with a beautifully crisp and cold world around the campsite.

We had some coffee and tea, a good breakfast, and headed upward, toward the little overlook at the top of the glacier. It was lovely, with solid snow and great views of the Cascades down to the south – and some stellar clouds filtering the light around us!

We hiked upward, and descended back down. Packed up camp, and made the shortish walk back to the car… just in time to make the early dinner bell at the Timberline Lodge, and get to see the sunset from the restaurant!

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  1. Excellent Campsite and Snowshoeing trip !!!
    What kind of “groundpad” was that on the bottom of Jess’ pack?

    • I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s a ridgerest classic sleeping pad!

      Not super light, not super comfortable, but super warm and fully waterproof… And doesn’t pop like inflatable ones do!

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