A snowy day in Wilsonville


Thursday, 23-Feb-2023

Wilsonville doesn’t get much snow.

I mean, we get at least a dusting every year. But that doesn’t count, you know? It’s not SNOW, it doesn’t blockade the roads and keep you warm and cozy inside by the fire, with a mug of cocoa on the end table as you stretch out and read a book in your warm slippers.

We got that this week, though.

I don’t really watch the weather very often, except to check for details on a hike or trip I’m going on. And I don’t partake in as much chatting around the office as I could… so when I woke up on Thursday and saw snow outside, I was psyched!

Surprise snow! Yay!

Of course, I was also greeted by a text message, and phone call, clamoring for my attention, “The office is open today! Come in if you feel safe!”. Darn. No snow day, huh?

I survived, though. Cleared off the car and drove in, power-sliding through every turn I could and enjoying every second of the snowy drive of course. We even got catered lunch at the office, since only a handful of folks made it in, and none of those folks worked in the lunch room, hah!

I loved it. A nice walk around the park after work, stopping on the side of the road to take pictures… Yeah. This New Englander loves his snow.

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