Adventure time, come on grab your friends


Monday, 19-Dec-2022

So this may not mean a lot on its surface… But I finished watching Adventure Time on a cold Monday in December.

I’ve loved this series since… God… Since I first saw it in 2010? It was what I watched in Venezuela when I was homesick, and in Sao Paulo when I was in that detention center, and when I missed hanging out with you all when I was in New Zealand.

I watched episodes when I was apprehensive / scared driving into Oregon, and then Sarah and I watched it together by the fire before shit got bad between us.

It’s got 10 seasons, but I’d never made it past season 9… ’till now.

And now… It’s done. It was a good ending – fun, happy, and well written. But… Damn. Just, damn.

I’mma pour a generous glass of scotch and stand in the cold on my balcony for a bit, I think.

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