Having my jaw hacked apart… Or, simply put, having my wisdom teeth extracted


Friday, 09-Dec-2022

With Thanksgiving over, I didn’t have any excuses left.

I’d delayed getting my wisdom teeth out for years. Wasn’t an emergency, they didn’t hurt, COVID had cancelled appointments… all of the reasons for not just getting it done and over with had gone. I’d even used Thanksgiving as a reason to delay – Can’t be unable to eat solid food during Thanksgiving, could I?


That was gone and done. No reasons left to delay, I guess.

My friend took me to the appointment, shepherded me home, and then kept me from napping until the requisite 8 hours had passed post-anesthesia. I’d prepared jello, milkshakes, and yoghurt for myself… but frankly only felt like the jello, since it was nice and cold. And, you know, drooling blood for a few hours kind of kills your appetite.

As a quick note, I can’t quite remember taking these pictures.
Supposedly I sent at least two “surgery went okay!” texts to my whole family.
While semi-lucid with Anastasia, I ranted about how excited I was to eat pancakes, and got in trouble for bringing my pocket knife to the doctors.

All in all… I’ll take it.

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