My return to Mt. Hood, and a picnic below Elk Meadows!


Sunday, 08-May-2022

Don’t worry, this all happened after my Mother’s Day celebration!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good reason to pull out all the stops and have a fancy picnic. I mean… yes. I know that I’m worth it, and that I deserve having awesome picnic, but… you know, it just seems off to do it for myself. Picnics need to be shared for them to be really worth it.

I had been chatting with Ash for a while, and we finally found a time that worked for both of us to meet up for a nice hike in the woods. And since it would be right around lunch time… I offered to pack us a lunch. Let me tell you – when I offer to pack a lunch, I offer to pack a lunch.

What did we have in store?

Well. Sit yourself down and let me brag:
– Fresh baguette, picked up earlier that day
– Brie cheese
– Apples, two variety of sweet & crispy
– Prosciutto
– Aged & smoked Gruyere
– A bottle of wine, with glasses and a corkscrew (we didn’t end up having any of this… but I get credit for schlepping it on a hike)
– A bar of dark chocolate
– A thermos of hot cocoa… a home-made mix of light and dark chocolate, melted into steamed milk

Yyuppp. I threw down.

The rest of the adventure? I mean, it was a hike, yeah? I got to the trailhead early, took some time to read my book, and then we headed in. We went in the Elk Meadows trail (Which was completely lost in the snow… so we ended up tracking on GPS as best we could), and stopped for lunch at the Newton Creek trail junction.

We ate, we chatted, and we headed back. Grabbed a secondary meal at the Timberline Lodge, and then I headed back into Portland.

A good day out in the woods!

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