BCEP – Graduation!!!


Who are the Mazamas, you may ask? And what’s BCEP, you may enquire? Well, let me fill you in dear reader. When I first moved to Oregon, I pretty quickly heard about a mountaineering group in town called The Mazamas.

Similar to the AMC back in Boston, they teach classes and do conservation outreach projects. Over the years, I’d interacted with them tangentially – attending a few classes, volunteering with a few groups, but I’d never been able to actually take a course officially. I’d applied to their Advanced Rock climbing class, but wasn’t accepted for one reason or another.

Now, nearly seven years after first moving to Oregon, I was trying again. This time beginning at the bottom – while you may notice that I’m not quite a beginner when it comes to the outdoors, I was tired. These last few years haven’t been easy, and I was just tired of fighting… the chance to just sit back and meet new people while enjoying a few group hikes was more than worth the price of admission.

Saturday, 30-Apr-2022

I graduated BCEP!

Yup! Flying colors, up in here! I even remembered all the details about rope travel and using pruissics… which I still feel weird doing, since I’m used to kleimheists… Ahh well. It does make sense, even though it’s not quite what I’m used to.

I’m not too sure what to write about here, though I do very much want to commemorate the completion of an amazing course. I had a great time, learned a lot of subtle details and alternative methods, and made quite a few good friends along the way. I got a lot of hiking in, and had a chance to explore the Mazamas Lodge… while also having a glorious weekend playing in the snow!

The day of our test was pretty simple and straightforward, as one would expect. I wouldn’t say that it was a formality, since we absolutely got grilled on details, but it was 100% a celebration at the same time. There was more food than I ever could have expected, of a glorious variety and quality that I’ve come to expect from the chefs in the Snake Dogs.

I can’t wait to continue this adventure!

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