A flight of New England Fancy – A bit of Archery


It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Massachusetts… I think it was for Dillon and Liz’s wedding, wasn’t it? That’s sounding right… though I frankly can’t believe that was only six months ago. These last few months have felt like forever, and it was high time that I got back East. The rock was calling, family and friends beckoned, and I hadn’t seen my Grandma in far, far too long…

Sunday, 24-Apr-2022

Man… how longs it been since I drew back a bowstring?

I think… Hood River, maybe? I’ve been to the shooting range a few times in the last few years, but the archery range? Yeah, man… I can’t think of the last time I’d been.

I had Sunday free. A few tentative plans, but overarchingly I was free to set my own timelines. I chatted with Daniel, Liz, the whole crew, and we came up with a slightly ambitious timeline for the day… starting off with me stopping by an old haunt from when I worked down in Stoughton at Artisan.

Ace Archers, out in Foxborough.

Back in 2014/2015, when I was working South of the City, I’d stop in at Ace every few weeks… sometimes more, if the week was going well. I’d rent a bow, shoot a few arrows, and feel fancy and like a slightly-less-accurate Robin Hood. Just as suave though, of course.

It was neat – the place hadn’t changed a bit in the years since I’d been. They didn’t have my info on hand anymore, to the surprise of no one, but soon enough I was checked in and launching arrows downrange. Wasn’t even half-bad, if I may say so…

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