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Sunday, 13-Mar-2022

I went to brunch with an Artist.

I mean… it sort of counts as brunch, right? It was ~11:00, and we ate pastries while sipping coffee. Or… snacked on pastries while eating some delicious paninis?

Man, I don’t know. Give me some credit here – I was talking about stop motion design and drinking a coffee made for me by a robot, with latte-art of a UFO stealing a cow laser-etched into the foam, after looking at paintings of traffic cones making funny faces.

Work with me, here. I still don’t quite know how to parse this whole thing! If you look up the definition of “an engineer in a tumultuous situation” pretty sure my face could come up.

But you know what? I had a blast!

I’ve had a few goals this year; I’ve mentioned the “slow down and enjoy the moment” one, but another one is to try and recognize when I’m too ensconced in my own world. I realized that I’ve become so entrenched in my solo life of engineering, backpacking, and rock climbing, that I’ve kind of lost touch with some of the other sides that I really enjoy…

Chatting about art design and seeing commercial applications of robotics was a great way to step out and see things from a slightly different perspective.

It was nice 🙂

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