Snow! In town! The first snow of the winter!


Sunday and Monday, 26-Dec-2021 & 27-Dec-2021

December, 2021

I haven’t lived in Wilsonville long, but in my time living in the Portland area… we don’t really get snow in town that often. Then, in the few situations that we do, it usually melts off within a day or two.

When Wilsonville got an actual, legitimate, standing accumulation of snow? I was ecstatic! One of the things I miss from New England is the actual seasons:

  • Spring – Rainy, warm, and the slow swap from standing snow to flowers and green
  • Summer – Hot, sticky, and the perfect time to escape to the mountains and streams
  • Fall – Absolutely the best season! Pleasant days, cold nights, crisp air and changing leaves
  • Winter – Snow, cold days and colder nights, the entire world blanketed in a layer of insulating white

In temperate Oregon, we basically have “Rain”, and “Not Rain”.

The snow didn’t last long, of course. But it stayed for a solid week or so… and you know what? That was enough for me. I still miss it… but I’ll freely admit that I did appreciate never having to shovel. And not having to worry about an extended commute was definitely a bit of a bonus too!

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