A visit weekend full of adventures – A day in the city and a Friendsgiving party


Wednesday, 10-Nov-2021 through Monday, 15-Nov-2021

My friends came to visit!

Two weekends in a row… I’m the most social of all the social butterflies, it seems!

And honestly, I’m so thankful for it. 2021 was, for mas as for everyone, a challenging year. It’d been a year of huge personal growth, and excellent introspection, but at my core I’m still a social creature. Self-reflection is only a part of the growth cycle… sharing those insights, and getting other people’s input, is just as important to someone’s growth.

So when Daniel and Erin asked if they could come to visit the weekend after Dillon and Liz’s wedding… well, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

Sunday, 14-Nov-2021

With two days of pretty heavy hiking behind us, Sunday was targetted as being a bit more of a low-key day. Hanging around town, exploring a bit, hitting some shops… The rose guarden… you know, all those cool touristy things that we kinda need friends to use as an excuse for.

Ohh, and a friends-giving party!

It was a good day – nice and calm, quiet, and a good / relaxing end to the weekend. There’s not much to be said, from my recollection… we explored, chatted, and took some cool pictures. One that I’m especially proud of, if I may segregate it out…

The rest of the day… Well, I don’t really have much to write about our adventures in the city. But after we got back, we dove into cooking! For Friendsgiving!

My neighbors and I have gotten the chance to spend some more time together, which has been awesome, and there was absolutely no way that I could turn down a Friendsgiving invitation! We cooked up some stuffing, heated up a pie, and took the long walk over to their house by stepping out my door, turning right around, and walking into the door next to mine.

The evening was awesome, and honestly a little strange for me – this was the first time I’d been to a real “house party” in Oregon. COVID aside, the last few years have been… anti-social, to say the least. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but parties and group events weren’t really a thing that I’d done here – which made this just that much more interesting and enjoyable.

A very good evening, to say the least. Made extra much so by fun puppy cuddles, of course!

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