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A labor of love – My labor day climbing road trip! Part 2.5: Bison


Tuesday, 07-Sept-2021

<Note that this post, and the text messages that it’s based on, were originally titled “Buffalo”. I have recently learned that what I saw were American Bison, and not Buffalo. That day, I learned!


On the road Bison.

In the way, Bison.

Getting closer Bison?

Getting much closer Bison.

Momma Bison and Baby Bison!

Bison aren’t bears, right?

Staying quiet near Bison.

Very close Bison.

Close, curious, Bison.

Escape from the Bison!

Bison, Part 2: Bison-boogalo

Blocking Bison.

Escape from The Planet of the Bison!