A walk in Wilsonville


Saturday, 26-Dec-2020

Sometimes, I can’t quite rally myself to get into the car and drive all the way out into the woods.

Don’t get me wrong – I love me some woods, and long drives, and all of that awesome jazz… But sometimes, it’s just a little too much, you know? Sometimes, I want to just lay low, relax, and not have to get things together to do stuff.

Like today – Today, I was just… tired. energetic, and wanting to do something, but not quite holding on to enough mental energy to get myself all the way through traffic and to a big hike. So instead, I packed up a lightly-weighted back and stepped out the front door, aiming to follow Bilbo’s advice of not knowing where my feet would take me.

No where of particular note, but they did keep me moving… which was really all I wanted from the walk. Some time out of the house, and in my own mind for a few hours, while enjoying the outdoors and beauty that Wilsonville has to offer…

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