A long staycation on July 4th – Hiding from COVID


So my company was hit pretty hard by COVID-19, and instituted a 10% furlough program. Reduced pay, but balanced by various furlough days scattered throughout the year… primarily around holidays. July 4th was one of those, which meant that I had Thursday through Monday off from work – the 2nd through the 6th. Five full days for adventure!

My original plan was to drive out to City of Rocks in Idaho. I reserved a campsite maybe two weeks beforehand, and started planning out what to bring, and what route to take.

But… It’s a 10 hour drive, shortest route. 11, by the route I was thinking of taking. And that doesn’t include stops for gas, food, and the stretch breaks that I’d absolutely need on a trip that long. I kept trying to talk myself into it, but in the end I just talked myself out of the trip.

I canceled the reservations, and put together a new plan. A staycation, full of relaxation, organizing my new apartment, and re-aquainting myself with the Pacific Northwest…



Saturday and Sunday, 04 & 05-July, 2020


Saturday and Sunday, I basically did nothing.

It was glorious.


Officially, I was staying at home to avoid the crowds, and practice social distancing in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. I was doing a good thing, to help protect Oregon and minimize the spread of the disease currently wracking our county, and straining out healthcare infrastructure.

That was my reason. The fact that I was tired, and wanted to just relax and veg indoors while trying to heal from the sunburn that I’d gotten after forgetting how intense the sun can be in a convertible, just added an extra bonus to my decision.


So I relaxed. I cooked nice breakfasts, I ate good food, and I played video games. I read a bit, organized my new apartment, and luxuriated in the quiet that comes from not being at a crowded park with a thousand other revelers.

Like I mentioned – glorious.

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