Exploring Newbury volcanic monument, in Bend! 13-Oct-2019


Sunday, 13-October-2019


We visited Bend again!

Sarah’s friends were in town, and were interested in checking out Bend – they’ve been living in the Southern East Coast for a while, and are starting to get a little tired of the long driving and sticky weather… and since they both went to school in Oregon, Bend is one of the spots they’re looking at.  Since we’d been pretty hectic and crazy, Sarah went down with them to explore and wander the city.

I was able to make it down on Saturday evening, and then on Sunday Sarah and I got to do some exploring while they checked out houses – Instead of going North of Bend like we normally do, we headed South, to Newbury Volcanic Monument!

Yep, that’s pretty much in.  Enjoy the pictures, because they’re awesome!

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