A random, yet fun, Weekend in 2014. July, specifically.


This is super out of order – it’s part of my series called “cleaning up my drafts folder”

25-July-2014 through 27-July-2014

Friday, 25-July-2014

Home, dinner with Mike & Chirag.  Steaks = delicious

Chill, try to have a fire… doesn’t really work too well, for some ass-reason.

Saturday, 26-July-2014

Chirag & Erica show at my place, we hit Andy’s for brunch (making jokes about Loch Ness Monstah wanting tree-fiddy), and then get a bill… with a tax of exactly $3.50

Side-note: I do the thing where someone’s trying to tell me that I can’t do something, but I just smile, nod, and say that I can.  Cashier doesn’t want to make change for #1 (for parking) for people who aren’t eating there…

Me – “Can I have change for the meter?”

Her – “We only give change to customers”

M – “Cool.  Here’s a dollar.”

H – “But… only customers”

M – “I know.  Hence why I’m giving you a dollar”

H – “But…”

M – “Ohh!  I’m a customer.  I am sitting with my friends who are right there.  Give me quarters”

H – ” Ok here you go.”

Eat, chat, then on the road to Archery!

Ace Archery = fun, Erica = stressed, Mike = annoyingly good at it.  Chirag hits other peoples targets “by accident”

<Insert chart here>

Drop Chirag off, then eat in Malden, then drop Erica off.  Good-ish burgers, great frappes, fun times.

Chill with Mike in Cambridge, then head to Faneiul Hall for food & beer.

Oysters & beers, followed by wandering, followed by Cigars & Scotch, followed by trying Lucky’s (“Are you coming back?” “My friend just got vomited on.  What do you think?”), then home to sleep

Sunday, 27-July-2014

Brunch @ Foundry… I come here too often.  Chef chats some more, and the waitress doesn’t believe that Snoop sold weed to Cameron Diaz.

Chill @ home again, then go to the climbing gym.  Work out a lot, it’s a good day.

Jacuzzi, then eating excellent food.

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