The first bouldering, outdoors, of 2015


**I think, at least… I mean, I’ve played around on the rocks a little bit before this, but this was the first “real” trip.  You know, the first trip with the primary purpose being climbing.  So yeah**

Sunday, 19-Apr-2015

The day starts out not super early – I can’t complain, since I don’t think I actually woke up until something like 9:30.  But I had a good reason to get moving that morning!  Climbing is a great draw, especially on a beautiful Sunday morning.  Climbing after making steak and eggs with Daniel… well, that gets me moving very quickly indeed.

So we cooked steak and eggs.  We ate both steak, eggs, and salad.  It was delicious.  It took a bit of time, but made sure that we were ready for…

Lincoln Woods!  Premier bouldering of the New England area!  Excellent weather!  Convertible tops down, and music cranked up!

Yep, it was an excellent day.  We climbed, relaxed, I did some staff spinning (see the pictures… but ignore that last one where I smacked myself in the face), and enjoyed the sun.  We ate strawberries and ham, and then swung by my Mom and Stepdad’s house in the evening to have dinner with them.

More steak… there is no such thing as too much steak.  Especially when you just spent a whole day working some impressively tough climbs, after hiking through the woods with a massive crash pad on your back.

The Routes we worked were focused on two areas – I don’t know the actual names of the routes (bouldering is kind of hard to determine route names, in my opinion), but…

  • The Pond – This was, unsurprisingly, right by a small pond!  The rock itself actually swung out over the water in some places, and there was a neat traverse over the pond that we both debated doing… but decided against, since it wasn’t warm enough to enjoy an unplanned bath.
    Instead, we stuck with the main traverses; there were some gorgeous splitter cracks that gave solid handholds for long moves… though there wasn’t too much in terms of feet.  Which made the climbs all the more fun, right?
  • The Wave – this rock was actually quite close to where we parked the car.  We walked past it originally, and then circled back for the end of the day.  Same as before, but this time the climbing was along a beautiful fin of rock that swung out from the main boulder.  The route started out awkwardly, but then moved to a much cleaner hand-over-hand section, followed by a mantle up onto the top of the rock.
    There were, of course, a few other routes on The Wave that we checked out, but most followed that same basic style.  However, I did check out the cave that runs through the main rock, and found a small GeoCache hidden in one of the nooks.  Don’t know anything about it, but that cache has been marked for NUHOC, thanks to me 😛

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