Driving from Davis to Tree of Heaven


Monday, 15-Jun-2015

So on Monday, basically everyone was slightly hung over. I… yeah. I definitely was. Good life decisions aside, it’d been a wild night at Casa-De-Levasseur. Pool parties are not my area of expertise, but I can confidently state that it was an excellent example.

So while I did wake up at my usual early time, I didn’t get out of bed for a while. I spent the morning relaxing and browsing imgur, enjoying the last wifi that I’d be getting for a good while. A little under a week. Hush. I enjoyed it.

Then Mike woke up, I mobilized, Liz came over, and we rocked our way out to a diner called Black Bear Diner.

We actually went to a diner farther away from Davis – the one right in town was packed full of people, even on a Monday morning… damn college kids, and their “moving out” shenanigans.

But diners are diners, and breakfast is breakfasts. And Ben + Pancakes + Bacon = happy, and ready for a drive from Davis up into Northern California. We did make a quick stop into a town called Redding (pronounced same as “Reading” in Mass…) to grab some last minute gear, and hear an impromptu lecture on the evils of REI from the store owner, but aside from that it was a clean drive.

And that’s a big thing that I came to accept on this roadtrip. I knew it about myself already, but I never really put it to words – I love driving. The serenity of the road, especially driving a car that doesn’t really let you space out too much, really makes me happy.

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