Hanging out in Davis (California, not Square) – Part 3


Sunday, 14-June-2015

The whole “sleep cycle reset” held pretty well for me – Sunday saw me awake pretty early again. It was nice, and I got a chance to catch up on a few blog posts (Ed Note: Yeah yeah, I know. These things are getting posted… what, a month late? Hush. Editing takes a while. The sheer number of pictures that Ben took would blow you mind. BLOW. YOUR. MIND.)

But Mike did finally get mobile, which meant that chill time was over, and Serious Business Time was begun. Specifically, getting smoothies at the nearby grocery store.

The smoothies were brain food, since Mike had to get into the lab to finish up some work before he could run away for the next week of roadtrip adventure. I just relaxed. Maybe went through OKCupid a bit, checking out the landscape for Hood River. Maybe.

What I will admit to is that after everything was done, Mike gave me a tour of the lab – the main working area and the cleanroom. We couldn’t go into the cleanroom itself, but I did get to see some of the basic MEMS tech that he works on day to day. It was pretty awesome. I actually understood the basics of what he was describing, thanks to the internship that I had in a MEMS/Nanotech lab – but that doesn’t mean that I could have actually done any of the work… it’s sort of like how people can understand the basics of “planets orbit around the sun”, but can’t actually calculate out orbital trajectories.

Anyways, we hung out and did a tour and then went home. Stopped by the grocery again on the way back to grab some stuff for dinner, but that’s really it.

Then: more party! Allow me to, again, give a quick synopsis:

  • Pool party!
  • Cooking!
  • Grilling!
  • Huge pitchers of drinks!
  • Poor life decisions on my part, in regards to the number of drinks consumed!
  • Swimming!
  • Pulling my Cast Iron skillet out of the car, and grilling a set of obscenely delicious steaks!
  • Doing the above while making poor life decisions in regard to the number of drinks consumed!
  • Not hurting myself or anyone else during the two above bullet points, thankfully!
  • More partying!
  • Making good life decisions in regard to drinking lots of water, knocking back a few asprin, and going to sleep early!
  • Writing this list before falling asleep!

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