Taking a long walk to start the New Year off right


Saturday, 03-Jan-15

Today I walked 12 miles through the city for no apparent reason.


I’d been a little restless after New Years Eve… for some reason, I just needed to move around and get some blood flowing through my limbs again.  But I couldn’t decide what to do!  I didn’t really have enough time to go on a long adventure, and even if I had the time I was just not feeling up to the whole process of packing up the gear, stuffing the car, and then finding out that I’d forgotten something critical two hours into the drive.

So instead, I put on my boots, put on some music, and started walking.

The first time I stopped was for breakfast – a place called Sarah’s market and cafe.  I’d been planning on going through Harvard Square, but for some reason I turned at just the right time to wind up walking through a small little square, with a small little grocery store that had a sign for a cafe.  Sarah’s, it turned out.  So I went in, had a club sandwich, paid, and moved on.

The route took me all around – along the river, through Kendall, the esplanade, and finally back through Somerville.  See… it’s dangerous to listen to soundtracks when you’re walking.  I started with Lord of the Rings (an obviously amazing walking track), and then into Battlestar Galactica (the new series), which didn’t slow me down one bit.  I nearly forgot where I was going, and only turned toward home when the light had faded and stores were starting to brighten up their outside lights.

To top off the walk, I stopped into Brooklyn Boulders, where I have a membership.  I didn’t want to climb – I didn’t even have any gear with me.  Instead, I wanted to use their Sauna!  I usually do a quick 10min Sauna session after climbing, but this time I wasn’t in any rush… I had nowhere to be tonight, and it was still pretty early, as the night goes.  So I took a long route – 15min in, 5min out, repeated until I got bored.

Then, I finished the walk home.  Ordered a pizza, ate a pizza.  Started a fire in the fire pit, sat around a fire in the fire pit.

Relaxed, and felt accomplished.


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