New Years, entering 2015!


31-Dec-14 to 01-Jan-15


It’s a new year… how many parties do you think I’ll go to this year?  Likely only two… but last year it was three, so maybe I’ll equal it again?  Meh, as long as it’s adventure-filled, it’s all good.

Right?  Right.


So as is traditional, Daniel hosted a party.

And as is also traditional, he announced it roughly… a minute in advance.

I jest, of course, but it was rather short notice.  Thankfully, we were still about to round up a rather good set of interesting characters, and a disconcertingly impressive supply of delicious drinks to share among that cast of characters.


In all honesty, the night of New Years eve wasn’t particularly special: we hung out, we drank Absinthe in the traditional manner (2 parts absinthe, with 3-parts water poured over a sugar cube), and we all hung out.  As usual, Daniel’s sister had invited a whole group along as well, but this year there wasn’t really any intermingling to be had – each group basically kept to themselves, and each group rocked out their own way.  We did watch the ball drop, and then run up onto the roof to fire champagne corks out at the rooftops across the street from us, but aside from that bit of adventure (and a very fun time with a photo booth that Katie had set up) the night was just a simple and fun time.  We all crashed on the random couches, and we all fell asleep impressively quickly.


The next morning, however, was very entertaining.

Turns out, one of our friends had gotten quite inebriated the night before.  It happens to the best of us, and he’s actually quite good at dealing with it himself.  However, everyone else wanted to deal with it for him… and thus may have slightly smothered him with care.  Which included leaving a large compost bin near his couch, in case he couldn’t make it to the bathroom.  Well, he didn’t find that particularly amusing, so when we all woke up, said barrel was nowhere to be seen.  It may have been launched out the back door at some point during the evening.  No one is really sure.

After waking everyone up, we spent way too much time vacillating  over where to go for breakfast.  Some people voted for eating at home, some for going to Cambridge, and some for flying to the moon and eating the cheese there.  I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention; arguments like that are why smartphones were invented, and I left it to those with stronger opinions to make a final decision.

A brunch place called Brownstone was the final choice, and after a walk over our name was in line… but sitting around waiting for a table is boring, so a few of us decided to wander around Back Bay for a bit.  It was quiet… wandering around the city, listening to it wake up and chatting with good friends.

The rest of the day was taken up by wandering around some more, helping Daniel and Co. clean up the house, and then heading out to get coffee and try to wake ourselves back up.  A group of us did an expedition to get Sushi, and then go see the new Hobbit movie (we had watched the 2nd one earlier), but overall it was pretty relaxed and low key.


A good start to the New Year.

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  1. …sounds like a great time was had by all attendees. A Happy and Safe (but fun) New Year is wish to ALL Y’All !!!
    Papa Smurf

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