I just finished reading “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”


A perfect Saturday, 12-Apr-14


I think I remember why I stopped reading, back before high school.

I should clarify that – I never stopped reading, but I stopped reading as voraciously as I had before.  In grade school and middle school, I read through literally every Star Wars book that they was.  I was waiting for new books to be published, so that I could escape back into that world.  In high school, I did keep reading… but at a much slower pace.  I did other things with life – I talked to people, played video games, and above all studied… sort of.  Mostly homework.  That’s incidental.

Finishing up “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” today reminded me of the deep melancholy and sadness that hits when you finish a story.  I finished reading in the park, paging past the acknowledgements and shutting off the kindle, and wished that I could return to those characters… to hear more stories about what happened.  I wish that it had ended differently (though I know that it had to end the way that it did), and that I could hear more stories about Lettie and the unnamed narrator, and how they traveled the world working magic and protecting us.

But, it just ended.  It ended in the way that it needed to – this is a Neil Gaiman book, after all.

I’m still sad though…

I think I’ll read it again.  Maybe re-read American Gods.


Link: http://www.neilgaiman.com/works/Books/The+Ocean+at+the+End+of+the+Lane/

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